New Phillip Marlowe TV Show?

According to Screen Rant, ABC has just picked up an untitled modern day adaptation of the Phillip Marlowe series. According to Deadline, the show will be produced by Andrew Marlowe and Michael De Luca.

Phillip Marlowe is one of my favorite characters and Raymond Chandler’s books helped shape how I percieve the world, so I’m thrilled to see him return to screen after so long. Yes, this show could go horribly wrong, but it could also go wonderfully right. One of my main quibbles with neo noir films is that they often feel like static period pieces, like their writers have mistaken their surface for their content. Hopefully, changing the setting will give the story back the impact it had in the novels. Plus, I really want at least something good to come of this awful “adapted with a twist” fad that’s taken hold of Hollywood and TV.

What’s your opinion?

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