Happy 2014!

Ann Miller 1946 via

Ann Miller 1946

My resolutions for 2014:

1. Write a new post at least three times a week.

2. Write more substantial posts (aka ones with actual writing and stuff).

3. Review those books, movies, comics, and TV shows I’ve been planning to.

4. Set aside at least 30 minutes for homework everyday.

5. Exercise daily.

6. Tidy my room at least once a week.

What are your New Years resolutions?






Kafkaesque’s Question Vol. 6

Hello all. I’d been meaning write a Christmas post but my arch-nemesises (nemisees? nemisie?) perfectionism and laziness were up to their usual skullduggery. Just as I was halfheartedly fending them off and wondering why I should even bother, I found the latest update from the wonderful Kafkaesque (my favorite perfume blog) sitting in my inbox. And lo and behold – it contained a prompt!

  1. What was your scent of the day or night, either on Christmas Eve or today?
  2. What was one of the more cozy or fun parts of either day?
  3. What were some of your favorite gifts that you received? If you received any perfume, you really must share!

Question one – today I finished off my sample of Teo Cabanel’s Alahine. On me, Alahine starts, with a flair of sticky sweet honeyed flowers, then mellows into something warm, vanillic and nutty (amber? labdanum?). The honeyed flowers pop up every now and again and during the dry down they takeover completely. Beautiful.

Question two – Christmas is an all around cozy affair for me. Traditionally on Christmas’ Eve, my mother and I put together a feast, after which she reads us all The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus by Ogden Nash and we each open one present. Christmas day, we open our presents and lunch buffet style on Christmas’ Eve’s leftovers.

Question three – My favorite Christmas present I’ve ever received was my first computer.

What are your answers?

Beautiful Songs

My best friend shared a song with me today. The week had been utterly miserable up to this point. I had just had my heart broken and was suffering depression, headaches, and troubled sleep. Hearing this song uplifted me and I started to contemplate the various songs that move me. These are a few.

This song transports me to one of my only good middle school memories.

Sorry for the quality of the video! This is the only insertable version that I could find. I feel silly saying so, but this song is wise. Really sincere and truthful.

This is the song my best friend sent me. I’m not sure if she could have chosen a better one. While listening, I felt as though I was at that bar; a lonely patron wallowing in self-pity¬† and contemplating missed opportunities, only to be uplifted by this song.

My life is completely unalike John Mellencamp’s; I’ve spent my entire life in a metropolitan city in the Pacific Northwest, and yet I feel as though I could have written this song. The feeling of being so completely alienated and alone, to apathetic even for self destruction . . . I’ve definitely been there. Hearing this song makes me feel like maybe I can pull my shit together and follow my dreams.

What songs are meaningful to you?

A Few of My Favorite Holiday Gift Guides

And by “Holiday” I mean Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza. I considered writing one of my own, but I don’t think anyone actually uses these things. They are, however, ridiculously fun to read.

A Very Politically Incorrect Gift Guide by Cat Party‘s Chelsea

Holiday Gift Ideas: Soaps, Creams, Makeup and More and Holiday Gift Ideas: Favorite Beauty Treats for All Senses by Bois de Jasmin‘s Victoria

Ten Absurd Gifts to Burn Money on This Christmas by Racked‘s Chavie Leiber

Holiday Gift Guide: The Batman Kitchen Collection by ComicsAlliance‘s Chris Sims


What not to get people:

The 10 Worst Comics-Related Gifts Guaranteed to Ruin Your Holiday and The 10 Worst Gifts for Comic Book Readers, the 2013 Edition by ComicsAlliance‘s Chris Sims

I’m sorry this post is so brief. This week has been ungodly and I feel as though my brain is decaying and riddled with termites. Hopefully, tomorrow’s will be better.

A Few of the Many Things I’m Thankful For

1. I have more friends now than I’ve had for a very long time.

2. I can’t remember appreciating a class as much as do the ones I have now since eighth, maybe seventh, grade.

3. I not only love, but like all members of my family.

4. I think I am capable of fulfilling my ambitions.

5. My dog and were hit by a car earlier this year but both survived and are now, aside from a minor leg wound on his part, no worse for wear.

6. I like doing all the things I like to do again.

7. The fact that, if I could choose to be anyone else in the world, I would still choose to remain myself.